The tematoo PREDEFINED A NUMBER OF TESTING PROJECT TEMPLATES based on the best industry practices, which have been successfully used by our customers.

All the functionality is encapsuled in test management modules within TestLink.

iconTesting user roles
The tematoo offers specific setting of privileqes for specific users. We built in 2 permission levels for easy differentiation:

  • Test engineer
  • Test Leader


Requirement is a functionality demanded by customer. The tematoo helps you to organize requirements and make sure that you have not forgotten to test any of them. You can assign one or more test cases to one requirement and one or more requirements could be covered by one test case.

iconTest cases

Test case describes a testing task via steps (actions, scenario) and expected results. Through mandatory fields tematoo quides you to create well designed test cases.

iconTest suites

Test suite organizes test cases to units. It structures test specification into logical parts. Test suite functionality helps to make sure that test cases stick to relevant topic like test area.

iconTest runs

Each test case may be run more times. Such feature saves time needed to copy/paste test “analysis” and lets youto focus on test planing and execution.

Well-designed test management tool enables online reporting functionality. Through this functionality test lead is able to provide information about SW or build quality. In order to help our customers we have predefined basic and advanced setting and statistics in reporting module like:

  • number of requirements / test cases / builds
  • pass/fail ratio
  • effort per test case

Of course that you can still define your private metrics specificly to your needs.