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1. Start

2. Create Test

3. Create Plan

4. Create Build

5. Asign Tests

6. Execute and report

Stage 1: Ready to start!

We are happy that you decided to use our tool. This simple guide will help you to use full power of tematoo. One of the first step is to define Test Cases in specification module. Learn how by clicking on Create Test button.

Stage 2: Create Test Cases

Create you own Test Case or use Test Cases prepared by your coleagues in team. To execute testcases you need to prepare Test Plan and Test Build and assign test cases into Test Plan.

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Stage 3: Create Test Plan

Test Plan is created when you wish to execute Test Cases. Test Plans are made up of the Test Cases from the current Test Project. A Test Plan includes Builds, Milestones, user assignment and Test Results. Create or activate your Test Plan to assigne prepared TCs for test execution.

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Stage 4: Create Build

To be able to execute Test Cases you need to create Build. A Build is a specific release of software. Each project in a company is most likely made up of many different Builds. In tematoo, execution is based on Builds and Test Cases. If there are no Builds created for a project the execution screen will not allow you to execute.

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Stage 5: Assign Test Cases into Test Plan

Test Cases can be assigned to particular Test Plans for execution. The Test Leader uses “Add / Remove Test Cases” in the main page to select the appropriate Test set. The related Test Plans are listed on the View Test Case page under title “Test Plan usage”.

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Stage 6: Execute Test Cases and report results

To Execute Test Cases select the “Execute” link in the top menu or the “Execute Tests” link on the Main page to navigate to the “Test Execution” window. The left pane allows navigation within the Test Cases via a tree menu, and the set-up of settings and filters. The execution window shows relevant information on a Test Case and enables the entry of test results. Test execution is available after:

  1. A Test Specification has been written.
  2. A Test Plan has been created.
  3. Test Cases have been added into the Test Plan.
  4. At least one Build has been created.
  5. Testers have been given appropriate rights to work with the this Test Plan.

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