iconNo installation required

The tematoo is installed on cloud-based servers – all you have to do is login! You don’t need to download or install anything – just sign up, sign in, and you’re all set.

iconStability and service continuity
The tematoo is running at widely acclaimed cloud service provided by Amazon, which guarantees continual operation of high level service. But for all cases we are always ready to move to another environment, if it would be necessary.

iconMoney back guarantee
At tematoo, we’re confident in the quality of the product and services we sell and the work that we put into it. If a product and services that you’ve bought on tematoo.com don’t work and our team of expert Support staff can’t solve the problem for you, we will give you back your money.

iconService desk

Almost every problem was already solved by someone else. If you have one, use tematoo knowledge base to resolve it or report it as new.


With tematoo you can choose your favourite language. There are many language packages available.

iconIntegrated help
The tematoo service widely supports users in daily operation. Entities, procedures, fields or values are accompanied by ubiquitous context help.

Verified customers can use tematoo service APIs to integrate tematoo to their IT architecture. API is provided for e.g. tematoo reporting module, test execution planning, user management.

iconVideo tutorials

For quick start of effective  tematoo using, watch our video tutorials. It’s the easiest way how to get to know all the important features.

iconBugtracking tool integration
As extra service tematoo enables integration between the test management tool and the customer’s bugtracking tool.
We suport many well known tolls like JIRA, bugzilla and others. For complete list ask our support team.
iconAdvanced starting documentation

Customer’s time to start testing will be short thanks to easy but effective starting documenatation. It describes basics of the TestLink and procedure how to get started.


As our clients grow they need to train newcomers to work with their applications. For such situations tematoo team drew up e-learning course. Final exam will verify the level of understanding. All trained newcomers will be able to use tematoo service soon.

iconAssisted data migration

Our tematoo migration experts provide professional services to manage and conduct all required data migration from your current solution to our cloud. We minimize involvement of your end-users or IT staff. This migration option is suitable for small teams as well as mid-market and enterprise customers with significant amounts of data.

iconTicketing system for technical issues
The tematoo use bug tracking tool for any technical issue. The customer is informed about any progress on the reported issue.

iconCustomer’s account section

Dedicated customers representative can control all the information about client, orders, offers, invoices, payments or spendings through single web-based application.

iconOnsite training
The tematoo is able to provide onsite live demonstration/training, which is carried on by expert of temato team in customer’s office. Within the training we can make large group of users acquainted with the basic of tematoo service, demostrate advanced functionalities or answer questions face to face.
The tematoo is based on knowledge of sortware testing experts. Thanks to that we can provide consulting servicies in software test management processes and help out our customers to streamline the QA process in organization. Such processes are supported by ISTQB, TMap or best practices as well as evaluated according to TMMI or TPI Next.